GT Winter Series

GT Winter Series partner PFC Brakes will crown the winner of the brand-new PFC Brakes Challenge at each Winter Series weekend. Winners of both the GT Winter Series and GT4 Winter Series will be rewarded with PFC Brakes products worth €12,000 in total. This challenge is brought to you by Performance Friction Corporation.

All GT Winter Series and GT4 Winter Series participants will receive a 10% discount on PFC Brakes products.

The PFC Brakes order form will be provided by QF-LDA and can be found on the websites of the GT Winter Series and GT4 Winter Series.

PFC Brakes must be installed on the participating vehicle and competitors must drive with PFC stickers on the car.

The participant(s) to score the most points in one Winter Series racing weekend will win the PFC Brakes Challenge for that weekend.

Separate winners will be drawn for the GT Winter Series and GT4 Winter Series. GT Winter Series order form / GT4 Winter Series order form

Winners of the PFC Brakes Challenge will be drawn every Winter Series racing weekend and will receive PFC Brakes products worth €1,000 per winning vehicle.

New PFC products

New PFC products

We continue to develop new and revised products to suit the ever-changing needs of our customers.
Here is a selection of recent additions:

AP caliper pad (for AP Racing CP7555D70 CP8520 CP8521 CP8522 CP9560 calipers) – 9126
Audi / Seat / Skoda / front brake pad – 1633
Audi / Seat / Skoda / VW front disc assemblies – 340.496.63/64
Audi / Seat / VW rear brake pad – 1761
Audi RS6 C7 front pad – 1792
Audi TT RS front disc assemblies – 370.496.63/64
BMW 235i Cup / 240i Cup – 372.32.0050.453/463
BMW F-series brake disc assemblies – 400.653.63/64 (front) / 380.646.63/64 (rear)
BMW M2 Competition (F87)1648 (front) / 2097 (rear)
BMW G-series brake pads – 1867 (front)
BMW R1250 / S1000 front bike pad – 7507
Brembo B64 (Family J/N) 6-piston caliper brake pad – 9197
Brembo WSBK 2018 (Brembo XB0B13031/15051/16061) bike pad – 7511
Ford Focus RS / RS Mk2 AP replacement discs – 355.32.0054/01/02
Ford Mustang GT (Brembo) Roush P-51 front pad – 1792
Honda CB / CRF front bike pad – 7508
Honda Civic Type-R FL5 TCR (2023-) front pad – 7519
Kawasaki Ninja 400 front bike pad – 7512
Lotus Elise / Exige replacement discs for 308.048.63/64 assemblies – 308.26.0044.451/461
Mercedes-AMG A45S W176 (2013-) / CLA45 C117/X117 (2015-) / GLA45 X156 (2015-) front pad – 1634
Mercedes-AMG A45S W177 (2020-) / CLA45 C118/X118 (2020-) / GLA45 H247 (2020-) front pad – 6103
Mercedes-AMG C63 / GL63 / ML63 / GT R / GT S front pad – 1792
Nissan GT-R35 (2011-) 390mm rear V3 disc assemblies – 390.062.63/64
Porsche Cayman GT4 disc assemblies (PCCB) – 410.069.63/64 (front) / 390.075.63/64 (rear)
Porsche 991 GT2 / GT3 full brake kit (front / rear calipers, discs & pads) – 0380.0001
Porsche 991 GT2 / GT3 full brake kit (front / rear calipers, discs & pads) – 0405.0001
Porsche 991 GT3 / Turbo front disc assemblies (PCCB) – 410.069.63/64
Porsche 991 GT3 / Turbo / 992 rear disc assemblies (PCCB) – 390.075.63/64
Porsche 991 Carrera / Carrera S / Cayman S full brake kit (front / rear calipers, discs & pads) – 0380.0005
Porsche 991 / 992 Carrera rear brake pad – 7690
Porsche 992 Cup disc assemblies (incl PCCB) – 380.34.0052.452/462 (front) / 380.32.0052.452/462 (rear)
Porsche 992 GT3 front disc assemblies (incl PCCB) – 410.057.63/64
Porsche 996 / 997 / 991 Turbo full brake kit (front / rear calipers, discs & pads) – 0380.0002
Porsche 996 / 997 / 991 Turbo full brake kit (front / rear calipers, discs & pads) – 0405.0002
Porsche 996 / 997.1 2WD full brake kit (front / rear calipers, discs & pads) – 0380.0004
Porsche 997.2 2WD full brake kit (front / rear calipers, discs & pads) – 0380.0003
Porsche 997 GT3 / RS / Turbo rear disc assemblies – 373.076.63/64
Renault Mégane 3 / Porsche 997 GT3 Cup replacement discs – 348.29.0060.451/461
Subaru Impreza (6-piston caliper) disc assemblies – 340.531.63/64
TCR racing discs – 378.34.0054.01/02
Toyota GR Yaris Sport brake pads – 5000 (front)    5001 (rear)    356.495.63/64 (front disc assembly)
Toyota Supra Mk 5 brake pads – 1867 (front)    2220 (rear)
Yamaha X Max / YZF R25 & R3 front bike pad – 7513
Yamaha BT / FJR / FZ / FZR / FZS / MT / TDM / XJR / XV / YZF front bike pad – 7514

New endurance race compounds

Newly developed 82 & 84 endurance race compounds

New 82 front endurance compound Please click here for PDF version

82 compound is the new standard for PFC endurance compounds. It has gained an immediate following upon release in the endurance sportscar world after its debut win in the 2023 24hrs of Nürburgring. The 82 is a degressive pad specifically designed to work together with ABS to give superior control and a smooth release, minimizing lockups. The 82 compound has an extremely low wear rate while simultaneously being extra gentle on discs, making this compound the ultimate endurance option. Long distances aren’t this pad’s only strong suit though – with a very high initial bite, this pad can also be used for medium distance sprint applications, where ABS compatibility and a low wear rate are required. The 82 compound was developed by working closely with experienced teams and drivers to ultimately tailor this pad to have the perfect combination of durability and speed.

New 84 rear endurance compound

84 compound is the newest rear endurance compound in the PFC lineup. It shook the endurance sportscar world when it took its first win upon release at the 2023 24hr of Nürburgring. This pad is heavily degressive to work together with modern ABS systems, providing a stable, controllable rear end and minimized lockups. Its high initial bite allows this pad to not only be the perfect low wear endurance option, but also can be used in medium distance applications. Like its front counterpart (82) the 84 compound has an extremely low wear rate, while being gentle on discs. All of this, paired with superior modulation creates a pad that finds its home in being very durable, and extremely quick! It was developed alongside experienced teams and drivers to create a compound that sets a new standard in speed for the endurance sports car world.

Italian TCR Champions on PFC

Congratulations to Franco Girolami on winning
the Italian 2023 TCR Championship
with Aikoa Team (and PFC Brakes, of course!)

Italian GT3 Sprint Champions

BMW Italia Ceccato Racing – 2023 Italian GT3 Sprint Champions

The 2023 Italian GT3 Sprint Championship was won by Bruno Spengler and Jens Klingmann of the BMW Italia Ceccato Racing team.

The team entered two M4 GT3s in the series.

Spengler and Klingmann drove the no. 7 car.

The team’s other accomplishments include:

  • A victory at Monza
  • A GT3-AM podium on their 24H SERIES debut
  • A 4th overall finish and 2nd in GT3-AM at the 2023 Hankook 12H MONZA
  • An overall victory in September

The team is led by BMW legend Roberto Ravaglia.

GT racing applications

GT racing brake applications

Alpine A110 GT4
Aston Martin Vantage GT3
Aston Martin Vantage GT4
Audi R8 LMS GT3
Bentley Continental GT3
Chevrolet Camaro GT4 R
Dodge Viper SRT GT3
Ferrari 296 GT3
Ferrari 458 GT3
Ferrari 488 GT3
Ford Mustang GT3
Ford Mustang GT4
Ginetta LMP3 GT3
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 600 GT3
Lamborghini Huracán GT3
Lexus RC F GT3
Maserati GranTurismo Trofeo GT4
McLaren 570S GT4
McLaren 650S GT3
McLaren 720S GT3
McLaren Artura GT4
Mercedes-AMG GT3
Nissan GT-R GT3
Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Porsche 991 GT3 R
Porsche 992 GT3 R
Porsche 992 GT3 Cup
Porsche 996 GT3 RS
Porsche 997 GT3
Toyota Supra GT4

Porsche brake kits

PFC have developed a range of full brake kits for Porsche 996, 997, 991 and 992 models, including GT and Turbo models with PCCB systems. They are custom-engineered for trackday & race use and use PFC ZR95 6-piston front calipers, and ZR96 4-piston on the rear. Caliper fittings are included. PFC kits offer the best braking performance available, along with great looks!

Please send wheel fitment information before ordering. There can be clearance issues with some profiles.

Year Make Model 405 Sport Plus 380 Sport
01-05 996 Turbo 0405.0002 0380.0002
02-05 996 GT2 0380.0004
99-05 996 GT3 0380.0004
00-04 996 GT3 cup 0380.0004
00-03 996 GT3 R 0380.0004
05-08 997.1 Carrera S 0405.0002 0380.0002
05-08 997.1 Carrera 4/4S 0405.0002 0380.0002
07-12 997.1 Turbo inc PCCB 0405.0002 0380.0002
08-12 997.1 GT2 0380.0004
07-12 997.1 GT3/RS 0380.0004
06-13 997.1 GT3 Cup 0380.0004
09-12 997.2 Carrera/S 0380.0003
12-19 991 Carrera/S 0380.0005
12-19 991 Carrera 4/4S 0405.0002 0380.0002
14-19 991 Turbo inc PCCB 0405.0002 0380.0002
13-19 991 GT2 0405.0001 0380.0001
13-19 991 GT3 0405.0001 0380.0001
13-19 981 Cayman GT4 0405.0001 0380.0001
13- 981 Cayman S 0380.0005
18- 992 Carrera 0405.0002 0380.0002
18- 992 Turbo inc PCCB 0405.0002 0380.0002

GR Yaris brake pads

Toyota GR Yaris Sport
front & rear brake pads

Front 5000
Rear 5001
(Red calipers only)

The front pads are available in:
01 compound (track day use)
39 compound (sprint / semi-endurance racing)

The rear pads are available in:
Z-rated compound (fast road / track day)
332 compound (race applications)

TCR Tonks takes first

TCR Tonks takes first

Congratulations to Jamie Tonks on his first TCR UK win. The race was on July 16 at Oulton Park.

Jamie said “It’s great to take my first TCR UK win. I knew the pace was there, it was just a case of getting into a position where I could challenge for the lead. I had a great start and took advantage of the scraps going on around me. I then waited for the opportunity and once in the lead, I was able to hold on. I couldn’t have done it without all of the support from my sponsors and the team who provided me with a race-winning car.”

Please click here for the full TCR UK report. Picture credit – Jakob Ebrey​ / TCR UK

TCR Easter success!

TCR Easter success!

A great result for the PFC Brakes team in TCR UK this Easter weekend, with Jessica Hawkins winning round two and making history as the first female winner of a TCR UK race.

A good solid start to the 2022 racing season in the UK.

Please click here for the full story.

Picture credit – Jakob Ebrey​

New AMG brake pads

front brake pads
now available

1634A45S W176 (2013-)
CLA45 C117 / X117 (2015-)
GLA45 X156 (2015-)
SLC AMG R172 (2016-)
SLK AMG R172 (2012-)

6103A45S W177 (2020-)
CLA45 C118 / X118 (2020-)
GLA45 H247 (2020-)

The pads are available in
01 compound (for track day use)

Porsche trackday kits

Upgrade your brakes

This video was made with PFC Brakes & the Porsche Club of America to discuss how and when to upgrade your brakes.

At what point does a Porsche’s stock, street-orientated brake system become inadequate?
What are the differences between a street brake system and a track or racing brake system?
What are the differences in types of brake rotors? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
How do brake pads differ between a street set-up vs a track set-up?
How do you select the right brake pads to complement the type of driving you’ll be doing?
How does brake fluid work, and how does street brake fluid differ from track or racing brake fluid?
What is the most challenging aspect of developing a braking system today?
When upgrading a Porsche, such as a 991 GT3 RS with PCCB to PFC’s track package, what are you changing and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Benefits of Porsche’s manufacturing practices.
Can you replace PCCB rotors with iron rotors and keep the PCCB brake caliper?
What are some Internet myths about brakes that you’d like to dispel?

F4 put the SPA in Spain

F4 put the SPA in Spain

The F4 SPAIN 2021 season has started at Spa-Francorchamps with 29 drivers, being probably the most competitive F4 championships around the World. Drivers represent 17 different countries including USA, UK, Spain, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Portugal, Russia, Netherland, Ireland, Lithuania, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine, Denmark and Italy. Teams such as MP Motorsport, Campos Racing, Jenzer Motorsport, Drivex, GRS Racing, Formula de Campeones, Pinnacle Motorsport and Teo Martin Motorsport.

PFC Brakes continue as the official brake supplier of the championship, now in its third year. All cars are equipped only by PFC. The championship will have seven different meetings with three races at each event.

The first winners and leaders are Dilano Van’t Hoff (Netherland), Josep María Martí (Spain) and Santiago Ramos (Mexico).

Click here for the complete results list, and here for the F4 Spain website.

We’re still here!

We’re still here!

We currently have reduced staff on-site, but, thanks to modern technology, we can still keep in contact from our home locations throughout Europe.
Please call or email as usual, to check in with PFC staff.
We have worked with TNT to keep our transport links open.
We can also accept collections from third-party carriers.
We look forward to discussing your braking requirements soon.
Keep safe and well.

New Z-rated pads

PFC extends range of Z-rated (fast road / trackday) brake pads

These popular brake pad shapes are now available in a Z-rated compound:

Part number Applications
0984.10 Mercedes-AMG C63 / E63 rear
1609.10 BMW F Series M2/3/4 front
1656.10 BMW F Series M2/3/4 rear
1792.10 Audi RS6 / Ford Mustang / AMG front
4362.10 Nissan GT-R35 front
7778.10 AP 6-piston caliper
7780.10 Aston Martin DB7 / Vanquish / Mustang / XJR front & GT-R35 rear
7838.10 Aston Martin Vanquish / McLaren MP4-12C front
7856.10 Audi RS4 / RS6 / R8 / Lamborghini front
7869.10 Lotus Evora / Exige / Morgan Aero 8 / TVR front
7871.10 Abarth / Alfa 4C / Clio RS (III) / Corsa 1.6T front

Please click the part number for full application details.

PFC reign in Spain

2020 Spanish Rally Champions!

PFC Brakes have won the 2020 Spanish Rally Championship. Pepe López / Borja Rozada, Team Sport & You Citroen C3 R5 tarmac, using the excellent PFC 39 brake compound.

Very high temperatures were registered in the tarmac surface, which suited the 39 compound very well. It remained very consistent throughout.

They also won the Superchampionship, combined tarmac and gravel, using 11 compound for gravel specs.

This is a great debut with our actual Spanish Rally Champion and PFC driver Pepe López who was extremely pleased with the new PFC compound.

Pad compound data

Pad compound data pages

We have recently introduced several new brake pad compounds, and have taken the opportunity to update the format of our online information.

View the PFC Brakes pad compound pages ………. and bike compounds

The main page shows a summary of compounds, with graphs comparing their characteristics. There is a friction vs temperature line graph, along with bar and radar graphs.

Each compound has its own page, found by clicking on the colour-coded link.

There is a PDF summary of each compound, along with comparison pages for endurance and sprint compounds. This will help teams and drivers to identify the best option for their next events.

Please contact the UK sales office to discuss your braking requirements in more detail.

Porsche 997 rear discs

Porsche 997 rear disc assemblies

V3 disc image for illustration only

The ever-popular 348mm rear disc assemblies for the Porsche 997 GT2, GT3, Turbo and all Gen 2 models have been upgraded to 373mm, including a caliper spacer kit.

Part numbers 373.076.63/64 are slotted 373 x 29mm disc assemblies using the new V3 design. They are compatible with centre-lock and 5-stud fittings.

Porsche 997 2005- GT2 / GT3 / RS / Turbo
Porsche 997 2011- All Gen 2 cars


Front disc assemblies to suit:


Porsche 997 Gen 1 2006-10 PCCB replacement
Porsche 997 2010- GT2 – PCCB & iron
Porsche 997 incl RS 2010- GT3 – PCCB & iron


Porsche 991 2012- Turbo / Turbo S
Porsche 997 2009- Turbo C4 – PCCB & iron

GT Open victory


Excellent initial races for JP Motorsport’s Mercedes GT3 in the International GT-Open championship. The ex-F1 driver Christian Klien (AUT) took pole position at Hungaroring, winning the first race overall with his teammate Patryk Kuprinski (POL). They are leading the PRO-AM category in the GT OPEN championship after Paul Ricard where they fight against a negative Mercedes BOP in the French Circuit. Very strong competition against factory teams of McLaren (Optimum Motorsport and Teo Martin), Ferrari (AF Corse) or Aston Martin (TF Sport) with PRO drivers.

The team is extremely happy with the PFC brake pads 15/332 at Hungaroring and 39/332 at Paul Ricard. Congratulations to the team and thanks to the drivers, especially to Christian Klien for his experienced and positive comments to help our engineers in the evolution of our brakes!!!!

Report by Luis C. Maurel – Motorsport Sales Manager & Technical Advisor (PFC Brakes Europe & Asia)

FIM M3 championship


After the first five races of the FIM CEV M3 (Junior M3 World Championship), Xavier Artigas is the leader with two victories, P2 and P8 in the last race after recovering ten positions due to a race incident fighting for the victory. The Spaniard leads the championship, 21 points ahead of Acosta, with Garcia third.

Artigas took the podium in the last race of the Moto3 World Championship, the first time he took part in the World Championship at only 16 years old. The young rider is a multiple champion and has a great experience in racing motorbikes. He has a lot of confidence with the PFC 333 compound in his Honda HRC M3. “ I am very confident with the PFC 333 brake pads due to their high initial bite which helps during overtaking in the extremely competitive FIM JR World Championship M3. We are doing similar and even better lap times than in the Moto3 MotoGP world championship!! Also they felt great during the complete race, with no changes in my brake lever. “ Also the Team appreciate the pads’ durability, and disc-friendliness.

“We are using the PFC 333 in all our bikes”

Mr. Arenas, team owner said “we are using the PFC 333 in all our bikes, not only in M3, motorcycles with two discs, also in the Honda European Talent, motorcycles with only one disc, and normally more difficult on the brakes. With PFC 333 we have solved problems with other brands, and issues such as fast drop or curved back plates which generate overheating.

The PFC 333 has no taper and its characteristics help my young riders. They have always the same excellent feeling on their brakes!”

Report by Luis C. Maurel – Motorsport Sales Manager & Technical Advisor (PFC Brakes Europe & Asia)

Spanish Rally Championship


Our Rally drivers and the former Spanish Rally Champion Pepe Lopez / Borja Rozada have started the season well. Pepe Lopez / Borja Rozada won the 2 initial rallies on tarmac in the Spanish Championship, Ferrol and Orense. Driving our newest “39” compound front and rear on his Citroen C3 WRC2 Pepe got a lot of confidence with the brakes feeling a good performance and high resistance against the heat in the first races with the summer’s high temperature, specially on Madeira Island and also in Galizia’s rallies.

The Sport & You team is using PFC brakes on their different cars and drivers such as Pedro Fontes (Citroen C3) Camacho (Citroen C3) or Magalhaes (Hyundai i20). Rali Vinho Madeira 2020 was an excellent race with 4 cars in the top 6 in a European Rally Trophy round.

Official Madeira report

Report by Luis C. Maurel – Motorsport Sales Manager & Technical Advisor (PFC Brakes Europe & Asia)

F4 Spain


F4 Spain is becoming the most competitive F4 championships for the number of competing drivers and teams from different nations. Paul Ricard was a very successful race where 21 young drivers fought competitively but fairly.

PFC brakes are the official brake suppliers of this championship. Teams and drivers are extremely happy with their braking performance!!!

The championship is lead by Kas Haverkort (Ned) MP Motorsport, 2nd the Dane Oliver Goethe / MP Motorsport and 3rd Mari Boya (Spain) MP Motorsport. The winner in Paul Ricard was the Romanian Filip Ugran / Jenzer Motorsport. 5th in the championship is the Spanish Lorenzo Fluxa / GRS.

Official race report

Report by Luis C. Maurel – Motorsport Sales Manager & Technical Advisor (PFC Brakes Europe & Asia)

TCR at Paul Ricard


Excellent weekend at Paul Ricard, initial race of the TCR EUROPE championship.

PFC Brakes have been working hard to develop new compounds for the TCR sprint races. During the pre-season we tested with the Honda JAS supported team, Brutal Fish Racing Team and their drivers Dan Lloyd, Pepe Oriola and Martin Ryba on different circuits. They finally chose our newest “39” compound due its good torque and initial bite, but also for the pads’ easy modulation, plus a strong and firm pedal during the race.

Daniel Lloyd, the British driver was 3rd in qualifying, winning the initial race and P6 in the 2nd race (reverse grid). He leads the championship and has given us excellent feedback about our brake pads. Thanks Dan and congratulations on your success!! And congrats to our newest “39” compound for its first victory in an International race on its first test!!!

The second race, with reverse grid from the qualifying, gave us a great surprise and another victory for PFC!! The German driver Mike Halder won from his Pole Position, defending the pressure from his follower, the professional factory Honda driver Nestor Girolami (Arg / Honda Civic Type R TCR). Mike used our “333” PFC compound, and was very happy with the Honda Civic brakes.

PFC are also providing brake discs to the Audi official team ComToYou, getting excellent results!! They finished 2nd overall in the meeting with M. Bennani (Marroco/Audi RS3 LMS) battling with Dan Lloyd in the two races!!

Race 1 report
Race 2 report

Report by Luis C. Maurel – Motorsport Sales Manager & Technical Advisor (PFC Brakes Europe & Asia)

Covid-19 update

Everyone at PFC Brakes is taking the proper precautions to ensure our staff remain healthy and our product and production are not compromised by the threat of Covid-19.

We are not taking this pandemic lightly, but our commitment to our customers remains our top priority.

The UK is now in quarantine, apart from essential services.

Our manufacturing plant in the USA is still running and we will be receiving some shipments whilst the advice allows this.

To comply with current guidelines the PFC Banbury premises is closed. Therefore, we will not be able to make regular shipments until further notice.

However, you can still make enquiries, place orders and contact our Sales Team via the main telephone number +44 (0)1295 221 020 and email address which will be operational during our normal working hours of Monday to Thursday 08:00-12:30 & 13:00-17:00 and Friday 08:00-14:00.

Thank you for your continued support through these exceptional times, and stay safe.

Spanish rally champions!


Victory and title for Pepe Lopez and Borja Rozada who won the La Nucia Rally and the overall Spanish Rally Championship (asphalt) and is leading the SuperChampionship.

The Citroen C3 R5 managed by Sport&You has shown great potential during the season. Our driver uses PFC brake pads in 333 compound for most of the Rally, and in some races his choice was 01 compound.

Pepe Lopez and Borja Rozada have won important events, such as their victory in the ERC at Canary Islands,  2nd at ERC Madeira on his first participation and victory at Ferrol and La Nucia, as well as the Spanish Championship.


Spanish F4 2019 season


Excellent last race championship for the F4 Spanish Championship with 20 drivers on the grid and really competitive races. This international championship with races in different countries: Spain, France and Portugal, International teams such as MP motorsport, Jenzer , Drivex, ….. and drivers from 11 different countries. This is the F4 championship with more progression and really good expectations for 2020 season.

The champion of the F4 Spain is from Argentina, the super talented Franco Colapinto who dominates consistently the championship. Second was the Dutch Gienn Van Berlo and third the Spaniard Killian Meyer.

Nerea Martí Meanwhile, the most exciting moments were in the closed duel between Belén García (Global Racing Service) and Nerea Martí (Formula of Champions – Prague), who until the last race defined the title of the female category.  Nerea was 4th overall during a lot of last race laps. The title is for Belén García. Both of them race in the W Series next season.

PFC BRAKES is very proud to be the F4 Series brake suppliers. Teams and drivers are really happy with the excellent performance and consistency of our brakes!!

Thanks F4 Spanish Championship and we will see you again all  in 2020 season!! F4 Spain newsletter

Dispatch days

We have changed our UK office working hours, so will only dispatch products from Monday to Thursday.

Carrier collections can be arranged on Fridays, but only until 12:30.

Office opening hours (UK time):

Monday to Thursday
08:00 to 12:30 – 13:00 to 17:00
08:00 to 12:30 – 13:00 to 14:00

Warehouse opening hours (UK time):

Monday to Thursday
08:30 to 12:30 – 13:00 to 16:30
08:30 to 12:30

Official Radical supplier

PFC Brakes – official supplier to Radical Sportscars

Radical are delighted to announce that PFC Brakes have become the sole provider of brakes to our global network as an official sponsor.  The brakes and associated components are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production plant located in Clover, South Carolina USA.

Performance Friction Corporation (PFC) is a brand embedded in motorsport history worldwide. PFC support their product globally across many national and international championships, including IndyCar, Formula Renault and a host of others, both on- and off-road on two and four wheels.

“Radical has long trusted in the high performance and reliability of PFC Brake pads as our preferred fitment choice, so this partnership is next logical step to ensure all of our customers get the same, great Radical driving experience,” said Joseph Anwyll, Radical CEO. “PFC Brakes’ global reputation and network means we can quickly and easily serve the requirements of our customers, teams and championships, with a single specification that works the world over.”

“PFC are pleased to be announced by Radical as a global brake partner, following many years of PFC supply for their racing activities,” added Brian Gore, Sales Engineer for Performance Friction Europe. “This situation will be mutually beneficial to both companies thanks to a single-source supply chain, with products that have been officially tried, tested and approved by Radical. The new partnership will also allow the development of new brake technologies, for existing models and future additions to the Radical Sportscars range.”

To order pads, simply contact your local Radical dealer – full list here – or contact Radical for more information.

TCR discs & pads


PFC have released a retrofit disc to replace the discs used on many TCR vehicles.
The PFC disc is part number 378.34.0054.01/02


7790 + 7795Front Pads
Sprint 7790.333.25.44
New sprint material giving high bite and friction without fade. Good release and modulation characteristics.
Endurance 7790.331.25.44
New endurance material for long pad & disc life.
Also available in 11 & 13 PFC Compounds


Rear Pads
Sprint 7720.11.15.44
Endurance 7720.332.15.44
New endurance material for long pad life and minimal friction rise with temperature.


331 & 332 compound pads were Daytona 24 Hours class winners

Spanish F4 supplier

F4 Spanish championshipSpain, March 2019 – PFC Brakes is the new official brake supplier for the F4 Spanish Championship in 2019.
The sponsorship agreement was achieved after several conversations since last year.

The objective of the organizing committee is to continue offering quality standards to the drivers and the teams.

“I am delighted that PFC Brakes have been nominated by organizing committee of F4 Spanish Championship as the preferred brakes supplier for the 2019 season. PFC Brake systems are chosen across the globe by manufacturers, teams and championships for their commitment to making the absolute best products in the industry. It is therefore a real pleasure to now be involved in this up and coming series in Spain, where we will provide our best products after complete several testing days with different teams and drivers”, said Peter Babbage (PFC Vice President – European Operations and Senior Vice President – North America).

Adrián Muñoz (F4 Spanish Championship Technical Manager) said: “I have the honour to confirm our deal with PFC for the brakes supply for the F4 Spanish Championship, since the end of last year we have been in contact about the possibility to cooperate in our growing championship, and since the first moment we had same approach about what kind of brakes we would like to have to continue preparing the future motorsport starts. Further testing and feedback from different drivers confirmed the correct brakes specification for the coming season.”

The first round of the F4 Spain Championship will be in Circuito de Navarra, April 6-7.

Gearlink Kawasaki support

PFC brakes are delighted to announce their continued support of Gearlink Kawasaki for 2019.
Gearlink Kawasaki will be running Ben Wilson and Ross Twyman in the British Supersport championship,
and Fraser Rogers in the British Superbike championship.

New PFC President

PFC Brakes announces Executive promotion

PFC Brakes is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr. David Mohr to President of PFC Brakes, reporting to the Chairman of the Board and CEO. In his position, Dr. Mohr will work closely with the CEO and the PFC Management Team to pursue the goals set out in the PFC strategic plan.

PFC Brakes is a manufacturer of brake pads, brake discs and calipers that develop and produce world-class braking solutions for high performance, severe duty and fleet applications for OEM, Motorsports, and aftermarket customers.  PFC’s mission is to provide products with the highest performance and best value to our customers.

Dr. Mohr joined PFC in 1994 as a materials scientist. He is credited with advancing PFC’s involvement in racing, supporting OEM projects with Ford, GM, Chrysler, Porsche, Navistar, Daimler Truck and others, as well as continually improving PFC’s CarbonMetallic®  friction materials for fleet applications. He previously managed the materials science, disc pad design, dynamometer/vehicle testing departments and for eight years was the Vice President of OEM and Technical Sales, actively growing business in that area.

Dr. Mohr has actively pursued the development of high performance/high temperature composites for more than 36 years. While completing his Ph.D. at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Mohr authored more than 20 publications. After developing improved processing technology for carbon fibres (funded by the U.S. Navy), he then joined the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s (GTRI) Energy and Materials Science Laboratory where he concentrated on processing and testing high temperature ceramic composites for U.S. DOE projects. His work has inspired significant development worldwide, according to PFC.

Additionally, Dr. Mohr has served on several SAE committees including several light and commercial vehicle committees that establish test procedures for braking products, and has also led sessions at the annual SAE brake colloquium.  Over the course of his career Dr. Mohr has also managed a private business and has worked in R&D for several global companies with manufacturing locations world-wide.

“We are very pleased to make this announcement. David has been a great addition to the PFC team to help focus the direction for the company,” stated Mary Ann Burgoon, Chairman of the Board.  “His lengthy technical background, as well as intimate knowledge of every process and product at PFC Brakes together with his management training and acumen, will help us continue to grow and prosper in the future while we further expand our technology and value to our customers.”

PFC Brakes has been, and will continue to be, committed to excellence in every area and aspect of business.

Prodrive runs Rings round record

Congratulations to Prodrive on taking the Nürburgring four door saloon record with their Subaru Impreza WRX STI, equipped with one of PFC’s newest Carbon Metallic compound brake pads.

The new record by Prodrive with driver Richie Stanaway was set on July 21, in a time of 6 minutes 57.5 seconds!

PFC wins 2017 Louis Schwitzer Award

Burgoon, Borner, Cate, Rankin, and Wagner win 2017 Louis Schwitzer Award

• Award recognizes engineering excellence in Indianapolis 500 racing technology
• Innovative PFC carbon disc brake system reduces vibration and tyre wear
• Named for founder of early BorgWarner business and sponsored by BorgWarner
May 22, 2017 – The 51st annual Louis Schwitzer Award has been presented to engineers Don Burgoon, James Borner, Darin Cate, Paul Rankin and Mark Wagner from PFC Brakes for the PFC carbon disc brake system. Featuring a patented mounting mechanism, the carbon disc and pad assembly provide a uniform matrix which reduces vibration and tyre wear. Considered the founder and visionary for PFC brakes, Don Burgoon (1955 – 2015) received the award posthumously along with the rest of the team during a ceremony at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
“The spirit of innovation drives progress. If you glance in the rear-view mirror, you’ll see that past award winners have improved performance, efficiency and safety for generations of racecar drivers. The engineers we acknowledge today will take their place in history, inspiring new innovations in the future,” said James R. Verrier, President and Chief Executive Officer, BorgWarner. “We are proud to sponsor the Louis Schwitzer Award and congratulate the engineers who worked tirelessly to bring this technology to the racetrack.
The PFC carbon disc brake system consists of a carbon disc and pad assembly made from single continuously wound strands along with a patented mounting mechanism. The material and manufacturing process of the disc and pads provide a uniform matrix which reduces unwanted vibration and tire wear by improving the overall balance of the assembly. The disc is mounted to the hat with a novel, yet simple, retaining mechanism consisting of a double rolled ring and locating bobbins. The patented hat assembly greatly reduces stress, bending moments and distortion while the friction behaviour exhibits excellent modulation, cold bite and uniform heat distribution.
Presented by engineers to engineers, the Louis Schwitzer Award recognizes individuals for innovation and engineering excellence in racing technology associated with the annual Indianapolis 500. The award memorializes Louis Schwitzer, who won the first auto race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) in 1909 and designed the “Marmon Yellow Jacket” engine that powered the Marmon Wasp to victory at the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911. After working in the automotive industry for many years, Louis founded Schwitzer Corporation, which produced innovative cooling fans, water pumps and turbochargers. Schwitzer Corporation joined BorgWarner in 1999. Throughout his career, Louis achieved numerous technological accomplishments, supported higher education, led the IMS technical committee and maintained a strong association with SAE.
BorgWarner continues Louis Schwitzer’s legacy of technology leadership as the official turbocharger supplier of the Verizon IndyCar Series. The engine of every car in the Indianapolis 500 will be boosted by BorgWarner’s line of EFR™ (Engineered For Racing) turbochargers. Built for reliable and powerful performance, EFR turbochargers feature Gamma-Ti (titanium aluminide) turbine wheels, ceramic ball bearings and stainless steel turbine housings.
A $10,000 award is sponsored by BorgWarner and presented to the winning engineers by the Indiana Section of SAE International.

AWE wins Clio Cup

Ant Whorton-Eales ClioAnt Whorton-Eales has been crowned the 2016 Renault Clio Cup champion.

All cars in this series are equipped with PFC brake systems, comprising calipers, disc assemblies and pads.

Click here for full details of Ant’s win (on the Renault Sport website).

Clio Cup

Charlie’s Champion!!

Charlie NesbittCongratulations to Charlie Nesbitt, who has been crowned the youngest ever Moto3 British Champion.

Charlie and the e3 Motorsport / Redline KTM team use PFC 05 race brake pads.

Click here for the full story of his amazing season.

Photograph by Bonnie Lane.

IndyCar brake supplier

INDYCAR announced today a partnership agreement with Performance Friction Corporation that will make the company the official brake supplier of the Verizon IndyCar Series. The multiyear agreement makes PFC the exclusive supplier of brake system components to each entry competing in the Verizon IndyCar Series beginning in 2017.

IndyCar PFC“Earlier this season the majority of our teams tested the PFC brake package and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. PFC has a long history of building outstanding performance products that we expect to be a great benefit to the competition in the Verizon IndyCar Series,” said Jay Frye, INDYCAR president of competition and operations. “We’re excited to kick off this partnership with PFC and appreciate all their efforts and commitment to INDYCAR.”

INDYCAR began using lightweight carbon brakes at all tracks in the Verizon IndyCar Series in 2012, in conjunction with introduction of the Dallara IR-12 chassis that is still in use today.

“Don Burgoon, PFC Brakes founder and visionary, truly understood the advantages and benefits of PFC’s continuous wound carbon over the competition,” said Darrick Dong, PFC’s Director of Motorsports. “Open-wheel racing is in PFC’s DNA. It is with a great deal of pride and optimism that PFC is awarded official brake supplier for the Verizon IndyCar Series for many years to come.”

“INDYCAR has always been close to our hearts at PFC,” said Nina Burgoon, President of PFC. “We are excited and honoured that this long-awaited partnership is now a reality. PFC is committed to providing the best-performing package for the car and is thankful for the opportunity INDYCAR has given us to exceed their expectations.”

PFC has a successful motorsports heritage and has been a long-time brake supplier in stock car and sports car competition. Previously, the company was an Indy car supplier in the Champ Car World Series and currently is the brake supplier to all three levels of the Mazda Road to Indy development series sanctioned by INDYCAR.

Please click here for information on the Verizon IndyCar Series and its 16-race 2017 schedule.

New Z-rated pads

We now have in stock fast road / trackday pads in the very popular 7856 and 7871 profiles.

7856.10 – Audi RS4/5/6, R8 and various Lamborghini models.

7871.10 – Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Renault & Vauxhall

Please contact us to confirm your order!78717856

Fast road brake fluid

RH605 Brake Fluid BottleWe are pleased to announce the arrival of
RH605 High Performance DOT 4 Brake Fluid

RH605 DOT 4 high performance brake fluid has been specifically formulated to provide optimum performance for car & motorcycle brake systems. Suitable for the road and trackdays, this new brake fluid complements our RH665 racing brake fluid, which can tolerate even higher temperatures.

With excellent high temperature performance to resist brake fade due to vapour lock. Outstanding corrosion resistance and class-leading lubricity to prolong system life and enhance ABS operation.

Typical Dry Boiling Point: 300°C (572°F).
Minimum Dry Boiling Point: 290°C (554°F).

RH605 brake fluid conforms to and exceeds the current specification U.S. FMVSS no. 116 DOT 4, and is completely street legal.

Part numbers:
025.0169 –  RH605 500ml bottle (290°C)
025.0037 –  RH665 500ml bottle (325°C)
025.0170 –  box of 12 x RH605 500ml bottles (290°C)
025.0038 –  box of 12 x RH665 500ml bottles (325°C)

Brake accessories

PFC glovesBrake bleederPFC brake fluidWith the new season fast approaching you will, no doubt, be installing new PFC brake pads, discs and calipers to your pride and joy.

Don’t forget that we can also supply racing brake fluid, mechanics’ gloves and temperature paint.

Please click here to see all of the accessories that we offer to help make fitting and using PFC Brakes even easier!

Moto 2 & 3 bike pads

PFC Brakes can now offer the 7534 and 7614 brake pads in our 13 compound.

7614 revThe 7614 is a pinless brake pad compatible with the Brembo XA3.J7.F0/F1 caliper. The 7614 is suitable for Moto 2, World and British Superbikes, where this caliper is commonly used.

7534 is a four pad system suitable for Moto 3. The 7534 can used with both Moto 3 Brembo caliper options.

7534 rev13 compound is the choice for riders who desire maximum braking performance and torque. The 13 compound has the highest initial bite of all PFC bike compounds combined with a progressive torque rise with temperature. Initial bite is managed along with feel and control, so that the suspension is not upset. This allows a smoother transition between the brake and throttle.

New Panigale pad

7637There’s a new pad in town!! The 7637 profile suits several bikes, including models from Aprilia, BMW, MV Agusta, and Ducati, including the 899 Panigale and new Scrambler.

Please click here for full application details. This pad is in stock in the UK – contact PFC Sales for more information, and to order!

7637 is available in 95 and 13 compounds.

Renault R.S. 01 & PFC

Renault RS01 with PFC carbon-carbon brakesNew Renault Sport R.S. 01 fitted with PFC carbon-carbon brakes

The sensational 500+ BHP R.S. 01 sports GT racer features front and rear 380mm carbon-carbon PFC Brakes with ZR53 6-piston calipers.

Please click here for Renault Sport’s announcement, and here to see Alain Prost driving this totally awesome car at Jerez.

Toyota GT86 Cup

GT86 CupPFC Brakes are suppliers to the GT86 Cup run by Toyota Motorsport GmbH.

Click here for details about brake pads for your Toyota GT86.

Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has selected leading manufacturer PFC Brakes to supply brake pads to its successful GT86 race car. The 200 bhp rear wheel drive car offers drivers a competitive and cost-controlled entry for the VLN Endurance Series and Nürburgring 24 Hour race that are held on the Nordschleife, where PFC Brakes already equips close to 40 percent of the 180+ car entries.

All GT86 CS-V3 race cars will run PFC Brakes’ legendary Carbon Metallic matrix material pads in the VLN and N24 events. Thanks to its unique six layer structure, PFC Brakes’ pads deliver better thermal stability and a firmer pedal with bite from cold. Equally crucial for the longer races that make up the VLN Series, PFC Brakes’ pads offered better durability and performance over a wide temperature range, providing drivers with confidence to lean hard on the brakes throughout the race distance.

GT86 Cup“The TMG GT86 race car is an entry level race car and as such, it requires a brake system that will inspire confidence in drivers of all abilities,” says PFC Brakes Europe’s managing director Peter Babbage. “The Carbon Metallic friction material, already a proven winner at the Nürburgring, has a wide operating temperature range, making it ideally suited to the variable weather and temperatures experienced on the Nordschleife. The higher thermal threshold of our Carbon Metallic pads ensures lower wear rates too, making them ideal for VLN and other endurance championships. It’s why we supply around 40 percent of the VLN entrants; from the pure race GT3 cars through to the production-based sports cars that make up so much of the field.”

TMG is the latest in a growing list of vehicle manufacturers, including Porsche and Renault to realise the benefits of PFC Brakes’ technology for their one make race and rally cars. As well as comprehensive technical support in Europe and excellent local stock levels, all PFC Brakes pads are free from copper, asbestos, lead and chromium.


F3 brake system update

PFC Brakes have revised the very successful Dallara F312 Formula 3 braking system to use the latest V3 disc and hat assembly. The Direct Drive V3 mounting system uses a spiral locking ring that connects the disc to the hat. This allows much faster fitting without the need for tools or fixings, and weighs even less overall.

• Improved performance • Better control • Quicker release • Lightweight, low inertia • Choice of compounds • Choice of champions!

Front V3 hat & snap ring 176.540.088.15
Rear V3 hat & snap ring 163.550.025.15
Front V2 / V3 discs (L/R) 274.19.0033.45/46
Rear V2 / V3 discs (L/R) 262.18.0034.45/46
Brake pad profile (Non-retraction) 7835
Brake pad profile (For retraction system) 7943
Front ZR43 calipers (L/R)
Rear ZR43 calipers (L/R)

Click here for PFC Formula 3 application sheets, and here for the current F308 brake system.


PFC & Ganassi win Sebring

Ganassi WINS 12 Hours of Sebring with full PFC carbon brake package.

Ganassi PFC brake packageThe No. 01 Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates team and PFC Brakes made sportscar history this past weekend with a WIN at the 62nd 12 Hours of Sebring, the oldest sportscar race in the United States. Ganassi’s Ford EcoBoost-Riley Daytona Prototype was equipped with PFC’s monobloc calipers and PFC’s continuous wound carbon brake discs and pads, 100% PFC designed and manufactured, incorporating new technologies unique to the 64 year history of this icon of endurance races.

The Ganassi team is the only team in racing to have won the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500, Brickyard 400, the Rolex 24 at Daytona, and now the 12 Hours of Sebring. The team also switched to the Ford EcoBoost DP motor during the offseason, giving Ford their first overall Sebring win in 45 years. The DP was driven by Scott Pruett, Memo Rojas, and Marino Franchitti who took the checkered flag after 12 hours of racing.

PFC carbon-carbon brakesPFC Brakes patented continuous fibre Carbon-Carbon disc and pads along with ZERODRAG™ calipers gave the Ganassi team the braking advantage with the best possible package on the track. The technology behind the Carbon-Carbon design is world-class, made from a continuous three-dimensionally wound high-density super modulus carbon fibre. The disc provides better higher burst strength, better thermal conductivity and cooling properties, better friction stability, and better cold friction for restarts without incident.

Before this year the Grand-Am and the American Le Mans series merged under NASCAR’s IMSA TUDOR United SportsCar Championship, putting the Ganassi team at the Sebring race for the very first time in their 25-year history.

“We brought a lot of upgrades here to Sebring,” said Pruett, “and the hard work we put in since January really paid off.”

With over 30 lead changes throughout the race, the 62nd year of the 12 Hours of Sebring proved to be one of the most competitive and demanding. With 20 minutes left in the race, a caution flag brought the field together, giving another challenge to the Ganassi team. With their Ford DP and PFC Brakes package, Franchitti had a 4.682 second lead victory across the finish line.

PFC’s full carbon-carbon disc brake package featuring ZERODRAG™ calipers are once again proven to be able to handle the most intensive endurance tracks for the best racing teams in the world. PFC lives by their standards and their customers – NO COMPROMISES™.

Ganassi 2014

BMW M235i Racing

BMW RACE DISC + CALIPER smPFC Brakes Europe have supplied BMW Motorsport with front disc, caliper and brake pad systems for the M235i Racing.

Initially the cars will be used for the VLN Endurance Championship and the Nürburgring 24 Hours. The cars will also feature in the BMW Sports Trophy.

A trackday / race brake kit is being developed from this system for production BMW 235i models. Please contact PFC Europe for details.

Click here for official BMW M235i Racing information