Upgrade your brakes

This video was made with PFC Brakes & the Porsche Club of America to discuss how and when to upgrade your brakes.

At what point does a Porsche’s stock, street-orientated brake system become inadequate?
What are the differences between a street brake system and a track or racing brake system?
What are the differences in types of brake rotors? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
How do brake pads differ between a street set-up vs a track set-up?
How do you select the right brake pads to complement the type of driving you’ll be doing?
How does brake fluid work, and how does street brake fluid differ from track or racing brake fluid?
What is the most challenging aspect of developing a braking system today?
When upgrading a Porsche, such as a 991 GT3 RS with PCCB to PFC’s track package, what are you changing and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Benefits of Porsche’s manufacturing practices.
Can you replace PCCB rotors with iron rotors and keep the PCCB brake caliper?
What are some Internet myths about brakes that you’d like to dispel?