Brake fluid health & safety information

PFC brake fluidBrake fluid health & safety information

Product: PFC RH665 Dot 4 Racing Brake Fluid          PDF version
Description: Colourless to amber mobile liquid containing polyalkylene glycols and polyalklene glycol ethers.
Application: Competition brake fluid

First Aid procedures

Eyes: Eye contact will cause irritation. Flush immediately with copious quantities of water for at least 10 minutes. Obtain medical attention.
Skin: Wash well with soap and water. Repeated and prolonged contact may give rise to skin disorder. Should this develop, obtain medical advice.
Ingestion: If a substantial quantity is ingested, obtain medical attention immediately.
Aspiration: Obtain medical attention immediately.
Inhalation: In the unlikely event of inhalation, remove from exposure and obtain medical attention.

Fire protection information

Flash Point (test method): 145°C (Cleveland Open Cup). NOT classified as highly flammable.
Suitable extinguishing media: Any convenient means e.g. CO2 dry powder, foam or water.
Hazardous decomposition / Combustion products: Irritant fumes. Breathing apparatus must be worn.

 Safety handling advice


1. Avoid any contamination of this product by oil, petrol, solvents or water.
2. Store undercover in original sealed container.
3. Store below 50°C if possible to prevent pressurisation of container.


1. Wear eye protection, impervious gloves and apron when transferring between containers.
2. Change any contaminated clothing immediately.
3. This product has a de-fatting action on the skin. Prolonged exposure may give rise to skin disorders. Apply a suitable barrier cream before use, and emollient cream after use.
4. Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst using this product.
5. Leakage from high pressure systems may result in mist formation. Ensure adequate ventilation.

Warning statement

No significant hazard when used in the application for which it was designed. Harmful if swallowed in quantity. Mild eye and skin irritant.

Supply information

Classification: Xi-Irritant
Risk phrases: R36 R52 R53
Safety phrases: S2 S26 S29 S46

Conveyance information

UN / SI Number
Packing Group
CEFIC Tremcard No.
Hazchem Name

Not classified as dangerous for conveyance by any means of transport nationally or internationally.

Environment protection

Behaviour in water: Miscible with water
Spillage: Prevent entry into drains, sewers and watercourses. Soak up with inert absorbent material.
Waste disposal: Dispose of in can via an authorised contractor as oil-hazardous waste. EWC No. 16.01.13

Material Safety Data sheet (MSDS) – RH665