V3 disc

PFC has released new V3 disc and hat technology. The advanced design features a patented attachment design that uses a retention ring that holds the hat and disc together.

The ring means no need for torque wrenches, and no hassle. The ability to change a disc quickly and efficiently saves time and effort. As well as being convenient, the new V3 technology is much lighter than previous designs, making it easier to put on and pull off, and making the vehicle lighter.

This V3 disc retention method is based on the use of a two- or three-turn retaining ring, which is held in a groove in the hat that overlaps the disc flanges – effectively locking the disc to the hat.

  • Reduced mass on disc connecting flanges, which reduces thermal distortion (more specifically, coning) at race temperatures. Reduced coning allows the pads to sit flatter on the disc, which better utilizes the available radial depth. There is better pad force distribution and the brakes will run cooler, reducing hot spots on the disc. This will also have the benefit of reduced taper wear of the pads.
  • More heat will be contained in the brake faces because there is less of a heat sink in the flanges. This reduces thermal stress at the ID of the disc and reduces the chance of thermal cracking to occur.
  • Consistent disc float from race beginning to end. As a race progresses with a bobbin disc, float will often be reduced when a bobbin is no longer sitting square in the disc. Reduced float will increase piston knockback, increase pedal travel and add vibration.
  • Reduced complexity. The number of brake assembly parts is reduced from 38+ for a bobbin drive disc to just 3 in a V3 disc assembly
  • Decreased assembly time. You can assemble a V3 race disc in a matter of seconds.