Pad compounds

PFC brake pad compoundsplease click compound number for more information

sprint compound for circuit & rally applications with high bite, good torque & release. degressive pad for rear axle, to support ABS. Low wear rate & gentle on discs.
degressive pad for front applications, with good initial bite & low wear. ABS-friendly. sprint / semi-endurance race compound for circuit racing & tarmac rallying.
semi-endurance compound designed for ABS systems & high temp applications. Low wear rate. high bite, high friction compound for sprint & rally applications.
for sprint / medium distance with smooth bite & rising friction over temperature. endurance compound with rising friction over temperature & less wear at high temperatures.
sprint & medium distance compound with good bite, little torque rise & best hot fade resistance on the market. fast road / trackday compound with excellent noise reduction & low dust.

Please note: Performance levels may vary dependent on application.