PFC motorsport calipers

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The top racing calipers are set apart by the priorities of the design. At PFC, the priority is to make the car:

QUICKER It’s what enables PFC to deliver the best possible product. Anyone who has driven a car with a PFC brake kit will agree that PFC calipers are in a league of their own. Once you drive them, nothing else will do the job.

LIGHTER Innovative FEA optimised design for lightest total corner package.

STIFFER Monobloc design increases stiffness which allows for better pedal response, more control, zero vibration, and quicker release time.

COOLER Patented rocket nozzle insulators and superior piston caps reduce caliper temperature, increasing stiffness and reducing drag.

ZERO DRAG PFC’s advanced caliper design reduces drag to zero allowing the brake system to deliver maximum stopping power, faster transition time, and quicker pedal response.

It’s simple. Eliminate drag in the braking transition, so you can power through the corner, with nothing holding you back. Where other calipers can rob you of valuable horsepower, Zero Drag calipers ensure you maintain maximum horsepower for increased power and faster lap times.

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