Brake bleeder bottle

PFC professional twin-port
brake bleeder bottle

Developed for competition use and can be operated by one person
Temperature resistant, suitable for bleeding hot or cold fluids
Twin bleed enables both sides of the caliper to be bled at the same time
Clear hoses gives visual inspection for air bubbles in the system
High quality valves ensure no air enters the system

PFC accessories 026.0001

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These bottles are produced with quality high temperature resistant materials to with stand the vigorous use in motorsport applications. The bottle and hoses are designed to allow bleeding of a hot brake system between sessions or stages.

Calipers with twin bleed nipples can be bled individually or simultaneously as each bottle is equipped with twin bleed hoses and one-way valves to prevent air being drawn back in to the caliper during bleeding. Each hose has a clear section of hose, so that any air bubbles can be monitored during the bleeding operation. This hose is then attached to a small bore silicone hose to connect to PFC size bleed nipples but this will also fit standard size nipples as well.

The bottle has almost a 1 litre capacity to reduce the need to empty the bottles during bleeding. On the neck of the bottle there is a convenient storage for the bleed hoses, and this also acts as a hanger for the bottle during bleeding.