Full brake kit – Porsche 997.2 2WD
with slotted 380mm discs

Part number: 0380.0003 Category:

Front & rear brake kit – Porsche 997.2 2WD
Slotted trackday / race 380 x 34mm front / 380 x 30mm rear disc assemblies

Please check wheel clearance dimensions. Front / Rear

PFC high performance brake kits include:
• Forged ZR95 6-piston front caliper • Forged ZR96 4-piston rear caliper • Direct Drive V3 discs on alloy hats • Race-specification brake pads • Custom-engineered for race and track use • Genuine race technology • Caliper fittings

PFC kits offer the best braking performance available, along with great looks!

PFC ZR95 and ZR96 ZERO DRAG™ calipers:

  • Forged aluminium with metallurgy specified for high strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures
  • High stiffness
  • Electro-less Nickel plating
  • Hard anodized aluminium pistons with patented insulators, and cross drilled titanium caps
  • Race proven ZERO DRAG™
  • Race proven durability

PFC patented V3 disc assemblies:

  • V3 technology (retaining ring disc retention)
  • Reduced weight, complexity, and installation time
  • Anti-rattle for street or full float for race
  • Direct drive to lightweight aluminium hats
  • PFC metallurgy specified
  • Race proven strength and durability
  • 48 vane geometry
    • Better cooling
    • High thermal stability
    • High mechanical strength
  • Flange geometry
    • Reduces thermal mechanical stress
  • Patented slot pattern
    • Pad cleaning action
    • Increase initial bite
    • Does not create disc crack propagation

Brake disc hats:

  • High strength forged aluminium
  • Black hard-anodized
  • High manufacturing precision

CarbonMetallic® pads:

  • Low compressibility
  • High modulation
  • High heat capacity (fade resistance)
  • Meets all copper free initiatives GT3 997-C2 997–GT2 997-GT3-Gen-2 road 982