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Please use the “Search for products” box (at the top of every web page) to identify PFC brake discs & pads from PFC (and competitor) part numbers.

You can search any item on the site, but if you enter the first four digits of a PFC brake pad part number, you will see a picture of the relevant pad’s dimensions. Click on the picture for a larger version. If you do not know a specific pad profile number click here to search by pad width and radial depth.

Full PFC disc part numbers are loaded in the system – please key in any part of the number, or click here to search by disc diameter and thickness.

Although you can search for vehicle makes and models (e.g. BMW M3) it may be easier to use the pre-defined Quick-reference lists. Links for bikecar and commercial vehicle product lists can be found on right-hand side of each page.

There are also competitor part numbers in this system, which show the equivalent PFC part. For example, entering MDB or CP23 will return any PFC part number linked to this description. Please enter more information if the results list is too long. Entering CP2340 would reduce the number of parts found. Having identified the cross-reference, please search for the PFC part number (first four digits for pads) for more application details.

PFC numbering system
Race pads – WWWW.XX.YY.ZZ Race discs – WWW.XX.YYYY.Z1Z2
WWWW pad shape
XX compound **
YY thickness (overall in mm)
ZZ product type:
04 – Standard set (4 pads)
08 – Standard set (8 pads)
12 – Standard set (12 pads)
34 – Dyno-bedded
44 – Race ready
92 – Motorcycle set (2 pads)
94 – Motorcycle set (4 pads)

** Click here for pad compound details


PFC part number descriptions

WWW outer disc diameter (mm)
XX disc thickness (mm)
YYYY pad swept depth (mm)
Z1 0 – slotted
1 – smooth
2 – dimpled
3 – dyno bedded
5 – long tab for HD bobbin
Z2 1 – LH T-bobbin
2 – RH T-bobbin
3 – LH OE
4 – RH OE
5 – LH Brembo
6 – RH Brembo
7 – LH Direct Drive
8 – RH Direct Drive