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New PFC logo

Performance Friction recently unveiled their new “PFC” logo. The new logo embodies a fresh look and feel that is a more accurate reflection of Performance Friction’s corporate identity. The third generation logo has evolved with new purpose and meaning, adopting the name their friends and customers know them by.

While President of Performance Friction Don Burgoon was at a brake test with a premier customer, it became clear that the change to “PFC” wasn’t a new name at all — rather, a formal acceptance of a name the market already calls them.

“Now that is PFC” an excited test engineer said to Don about the confirmed positive results of PFC’s Zero Drag Brakes. “Yes, we are still Performance Friction,” says Burgoon, “but in Germany, Japan, Europe and America, our friends call us PFC.”

A logo is part of a company’s culture and identity, and PFC designed their new mark with this in mind. During the logo creation process, a company-wide poll was taken to aid the decision and PFC employees and customers shared their opinions on the different designs.

“It was exciting to see customers take part in the change,” says Marketing Director Nina Burgoon. “It showed how passionate PFC employees and customers are about the brand.”

With such a valued title, Performance Friction feels that this change will resonate with PFC customers worldwide. Viewing the change is more of an “official” adoption of a name they have worn proudly for years.

“For many in the racing markets worldwide, PFC is Performance Friction Brakes,” says Motorsports Director Darrick Dong. “From the racing viewpoint, PFC is a brand already recognized as a leader in design, manufacturing capabilities, and service for race teams in many countries. There’s a high level of confidence and trust with the PFC brand.”

PFC has been providing customers with high quality brake systems as the leader in race brake technology for decades. The PFC logo aims to reflect their bright, dynamic future and their quest to continually deliver innovative brake solutions to market. The excitement for the new logo is pushing Performance Friction into an even stronger future than before.