MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS THAN ANY OTHER Carbon Metallic ® race pads win more championships and are used by more professional racers than all other pads combined.

WHAT’S THE SECRET? The secret is inside the pads. It’s the physics and chemical sciences of the carbon, the molecular structure, the interaction of the physical matrix, and the unique secret process required to produce Carbon Metallic ®.

* Some things you can see on a dyno, and some things you can only see through years of vehicle testing with data acquisition.



It’s how the car responds to driver inputs, and the rate at which the car reacts.
It’s how smoothly it drives, and how smoothly it releases.
It’s how precisely the braking is going to the apex, and how much speed the tyre can carry through the corner.

PFC has a complete understanding of the finer characteristics of braking. Most pads are designed to a specific friction level, a specific shape of the torque curve on a dynamometer, or a durability requirement. Although that’s important, PFC takes it to the next level with a different strategy: IMPROVED LAP TIMES.