PFC timeline

1953 Company founded as Bur-Bilt Products, based in Ohio. Core business initially rebuilding of clutches and relining brake shoes
1979 Bur-Bilt Products is incorporated
1980 Begin production of Carbon-Metallic® disc pads
1982 Begin production of high performance disc pads
1984 Name changed to Performance Friction Corporation. Launch of medium-heavy duty disc pad line
1986 Headquarters and production facilities moved to Charlotte, NC area
1987 PFC is first to pass the haul-truck BMC Certification with asbestos-free disc pads on a 690,000 pound haul-truck
1988 PFC becomes notorious for superior racing brakes for NASCAR and Indy Cars
1988 PFC institutes the first full warranty for commercial vehicles covering pad attachment and structural integrity for Carbon Metallic® pads
1989 PFC releases mechanical retention pad attachment system for Bendix calipers
1990 PFC begins to dominate the racing disc pad markets in North America, Europe and Japan
1991 Major-fleet becomes upgrade supplier to major commercial fleets
1992 PFC enters new car disc pad production for Ford
1993 PFC named OE supplier for Ford F-150
1995 PFC becomes a major supplier to AutoZone
1995 Mach-3 formed as an assembly and distribution centre
1996 PFC introduces Carbon Metallic Z-Rated® technology
1998 PFC race disc production begins; Multi-Layer Technology™ noise dampening system introduced for aftermarket disc pads
2000 PFC becomes dominant disc supplier for Champ Car
2001 PFC subsidiary formed – Performance Friction UK Ltd, Brackley, UK to serve European & EMEA markets
2001 PFC wins technology bid over competitor manufacturers for exclusive brake supplier to Toyota Atlantic Series
2001 Australian distributor appointed – PFC (Aust) Pty Ltd
2002 PFC introduces SilentCeramic™ disc pad technology; Carbon Metallic® line picked up by Pep Boys
2002 PFC UK enters and wins technology bid over competitor manufacturers to become exclusive brake pad, disc and hat supplier to FIA 3000 racing series
2003 PFC introduces revolutionary race caliper design; marks PFC as the FIRST and ONLY manufacturer to engineer and produce the entire race system (calipers, disc/hat, pads) in-house
2003 PFC disc technology for street upgrade kits introduced
2003 PFC Carbon Metallic® line picked up by CSK Auto Parts
2004 PFC 4-pot caliper for endurance racing introduced
2004 PFC Direct Drive™ disc for street upgrade kits introduced – increases life over PFC T-bobbin design by 2 to 3 times
2004 July – PFC earns TS16949 certification
2011 PFC launched Zero Drag® pad retraction system and received Motorsport Innovation Award
2012 PFC wins exclusive contract to supply Porsche 991 GT3 Cup racing series with full axle brake systems
2013 PFC develops V3 floating disc attachment system (completely bolt-free)
2013 PFC becomes pad supplier for the Toyota GT86 Cup
2014 PFC wins Sebring 12 hour with carbon brakes
2014 PFC supplies Renault with carbon-carbon brakes for the R.S. 01 sports GT racer